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Into The Redwoods

Held tightly onto a steel wire one hundred fifty feet in the air, everything below me is a mere blur of green and brown. The wind whirls past my ear, […]
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Lost In Hawaii

The first time my father took me to the island of Oahu, it was not to see the popular beaches. Instead we went straight to the interior of the Hawaiian […]
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Long Live the Kouign Amann

Looking through the window of the bakery, it did not look like much. A large round flattened bit of baked dough, crusty and oily, lay with its many siblings on […]
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Vive La French Onion Soup

You know that Delacroix painting where Lady Liberty, French flag in hand, surges forward calling to the people behind her to embrace the revolution? Notice the kid to her left […]
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The Meatball of Venice

If Antonio had eaten his Polpette in Umido like a good boy, he would never have signed away his life to Shylock. Unfortunately, that’s a lesson the “Merchant of Venice” […]
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