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Vive La French Onion Soup

You know that Delacroix painting where Lady Liberty, French flag in hand, surges forward calling to the people behind her to embrace the revolution? Notice the kid to her left […]
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A Candy Home in Cap Ferrat

She wanted her home to be a paradise on earth. To the baroness this meant erecting a pink frosted mansion with multiple gardens that overlooked the rough-hewn beauty of the […]
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Mission in Marseille

I felt like a decathlon athlete as I stepped off the train from Nice to Marseille. I had my most comfortable walking shoes on, a checklist of all the important […]
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A Royale Affair

When in Cannes we do as the French do: have an elegant time. This means a formal evening out where we wear our best duds and doodads and trip the […]
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Cities of Kings

Originally posted on restlessjo:
I have to admit to being a little nervous when I was approached recently for my views on the above book, Cities of Kings.  I have…

Give Me Paris Every Day

Every photographer has a muse. Mine is the enchanting city of Paris. When I reveal this, people usually look at me with disappointment at such a trite answer, and ask […]
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