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Traveling “Your Way” Contest

We don’t often partake in contests, but our wonderful friend Restless Jo challenged us to this one, so we couldn’t say no. This “Travel Your Way” contest comes from the generosity of Rhino Carhire.

Without further ado, here are our four photo shots depicting travel via road, rail, sea, and air.

BT_by_landOn the Road

There’s nothing we love more than the chance to unchain the locks from our bicycles and take them for a spin along the back roads of a country. Bicycling through terrain, whether it is city streets or dirt roads, gives us a chance to see the landscape through a whole new perspective. And, when we have unintentionally fallen off and bruised our knees (and egos), it gives us a chance to experience the kindness of passing strangers. One of our favorite bicycle trips was through the American southwest, where we conversed with desert lizards and were awed by the fiery shades of an enigmatic landscape.

BT_by_railAll Aboard

Traveling on a train is a love affair that we don’t get to indulge in too often. We’re not talking about the fast heart-pumping rush of the underground, but that other train travel: leisurely, scanning epic views, with perhaps the chance of an afternoon snack served to us. One of our most memorable train journeys took us from eastern to northern India in an epic foray of break downs and station stops. With the charms of hot chai, rolling rice fields, and conversational train conductors, we never even noticed how slowly the time passed.

BT_at_seaAhoy, Mate

Sailing seems like it would be a calming mode of transportation, but the seas seem to have it in for us. Whenever we go aboard there is always lots of choppy waters and heaving waves. Still, it is the adventure of it all that has us remembering an attempt to make it for a few hours at sea while trying to admire the island of Catalina through a fog heavy and very brisk turn on the Pacific.

BT_by_airFly, Fly Away

We have never had any stories to tell about airplane travel. Waiting at the airport, yes, but once securely strapped to that metal bird and whirring through the blanket of clouds, it is mostly a time to catch forty winks or read that book we promised a friend. Flying into London we accidentally looked out of the window at just the right moment, and what do you know? There was the city laid out beneath us, half covered by puffy whites, like a miniature diorama. Every tiny cathedral spire, every modern skyscraper, even the sinuous Thames seemed to be joyfully greeting us with the words, “Soon, soon….”

Now that we have featured our favorite transportation moments, here are five fellow bloggers we would like to nominate towards the “Travel Your Way” competition:

Santa Fe Travelers who know everything about their city different.

Sam and the Dunes whose recent post about frogs and Swedish midsummer made us laugh.

Sheila Hurst whose recent post about the strange pumpkin people of Halloween had us tickled.

The Unwitting Traveler for their stunning photos.

Hayley Swinson who recently survived a trip to Edinburgh, Scotland.

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  1. Wonderful shots. I wish I was that bike rider right now. That looks like a great way to spend a day. better than sitting at my desk.

  2. Great shots! I love those orange cliffs and canyons, the clouds, and the fog over the mountains. Thank you for thinking of me for this! I’ll have to take a look through my photos to see if there’s anything worthy of entering.

  3. Brilliant! Thanks for joining in and giving me the chance to envy your travels all over again! I’ve watched TV footage of those Indian journeys by steam. Not such a bad place to linger 🙂 Nor would I mind Catalina Bay on a stormy day. Come to think of it, I was there once! It was hazy and slightly unreal- or is that just my memory?
    My favourite shot is that wispy cloud scene. However will Rhinocar pick a winner? Many thanks to you, and good luck 🙂

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