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Royal Architecture of London and Paris

Abundant in culture with legendary pasts, two European capitals capture the curiosity and conquer the senses: London and Paris. One expanded from a tiny Celtic hamlet into a shape shifting metropolis that dominated the world’s trade routes. The other swelled from a tiny island on the Seine to reign supreme for generations as the zenith of Western culture. Both cities are defined by their munificent historic architecture created by the demands, funds, and directions of each capital’s reigning monarch. Tied by dynastic blood and architectural style, the fortresses, castles, and cathedrals of London and Paris reveal the passions and desires of the kings and queens who built them. Underneath the stone and glass facades lie the manifestations of glory and hunger for eternal power. Etched into the vaulted ceilings and bas-relief sculptures remain the hopes and dreams of famous sovereigns. Discover the stories behind the design of Westminster Abbey, the Notre Dame de Paris, and other spectacular architecture in “Cities of Kings.”



The lush landscape and subtle quality of light seduced artists in droves to visit the French Riviera. From Italian Masters to Post-Impressionists, painters traveled throughout the ages to the Côte d’Azur in search of the ideal landscape. Legendary canvas virtuosos like Monet, Seurat, and van Gogh attempted to capture the play of sun and shadow in Nice, Cannes, Menton, and Antibes. While painting the luminescent vistas they fell permanently for the sultry ambiance of these idyllic towns. Driving down twisting cliff roads, wending through historic villages, and touring ancient Roman ruins reveals the limpid panorama of the terrain and the enchanting lifestyle of the Riviera. Let the laid back character of the Côte d’Azur overtake your senses as you uncover the bewitching allure of the region’s translucent air in “French Riviera: Artist’s Paradise.”


It is a land of enchantment where cold marble is carved into poetry, jewel hued peacocks parade around country roads, and the sensual aroma of jasmine hangs in the night air. In India’s Uttar Bharat region, the sepulcher of Taj Mahal tells an eternal love story, intricate palaces reveal how great rajas lived and played, and a dense jungle exists where elusive tigers still hunt freely. Eons of divergent customs interweave in this area to produce a lavish tapestry of civilization that embraces modernity while retaining the threads of tradition. Bespoke Traveler journeys from bustling Delhi to romantic Jaipur to the ancient fort of Ranthambore, and many destinations in between in search of north Indian culture. Meet the colorful village characters and dazzling historic artistry that makes this part of India so memorable in “Treasures of Northern India.”


A Lost City exists high on the lush mountain tops of Peru shrouded by mists. To reach this last citadel of the Incas is a journey  worthy of any modern-day Indiana Jones. From the seaside urbanity of Lima to the village nestled at the foothills of Hiram Bingham’s treasure, the path to Machu Picchu is woven with the colorful culture of the ancient Inca empire. On the way to the sacred ruins lie the mysteries of older civilizations such as the Chavin, the sorrowful stories of Spanish conquest, and the centuries old traditions of the surviving Quechua. Vibrant, traditional, and steeped in heritage, the towns and villages of Peru offer spacious landscapes and convivial locals. Join the Bespoke Traveler expedition through Lima, Cusco, Pisac, Ollantaytambo, and finally the magnificent remains of Machu Picchu in “Journey to the Lost City.”


A Bespoke Traveler Journal 

Nature always extends a healing hand whether its through the rustling of leaves in a contemplative arbor, the aroma of invigorating eucalyptus on a tree-lined road, or the peep of color blossoming after harsh frost. It is at its best in a garden, where the beauty of the wild intertwines with man’s need for boundaries. For the experiential traveler, a garden can be a revolutionary experience, a chance to escape into another world. Spend an intimate moment in a secret Edinburgh garden hidden from prying eyes. Get lost in the Arcadian beauty of Cape Town’s botanical acreage. Let your imagination run rampant among the bizarre formations of Utah’s Bryce Canyon National Park. Embrace green adventures as you enter on a nature lover’s odyssey in “Bespoke Traveler’s Journal: On Garden Paths.”

At-The-Table-CoverAT THE TABLE

A Bespoke Traveler Journal

From sizzling satays to decadent soufflés, an irresistible dish can perfectly capture the mood of a person, the spirit of a nation, or the essence of a destination. Sculpted by ancient traditions and reshaped by future generations, food evokes strong emotional responses and triggers evocative impressions. For travelers, local cuisine is an integral part of the immersive experience. Nestled among the California vineyards, the freshness of home-grown vegetables can be tasted at award-winning farm-restaurants. In the capital of Lima centuries old Peruvian provender combines with Asian fusion and European technique to produce a tasty new cuisine. A life centered on rustic simplicity in Tuscany creates succulent meals that are meant to be leisurely savored. Sink your teeth into the diverse ways destinations maintain their local customs and sustainable practices while offering food-lovers unparalleled meals. Learn how to live the sweet life, navigate through an abundant smorgasbord, enhance your morning routine and more in “Bespoke Traveler’s Journal: At The Table.”

Into-the-Blue-coverINTO THE BLUE

A Bespoke Traveler Journal

A glimpse of its wispy, wavering lines in the middle of a vast desert is panacea to the thirsty wanderer. Its wide expansive shades of blue are the perfect backdrop to idyllic beach spots. Trickling merrily through rocks or thudding its way onto the shore, its sound excites the imagination and soothes the senses. Water’s ability to feed the body, nurture the soul, and transform a landscape makes it a sought after commodity for the discerning traveler. Spend a dusky eve through Venice’s watery roadways aboard a fairy tale boat ride. Relive the thunderous power and intensity of Oahu’s intoxicating surf. Take in the grandeur of Yosemite National Park’s exquisite waterfalls and its sweeping evergreen panorama. Dive into the magical worlds found both on the water and underwater through a series of curated destinations and exciting adventures. Encounter the irresistible pull of water on immersive travel in “Bespoke Traveler’s Journal: Into the Blue.”

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