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Landing on Desert Island

I always think islands are ideal for getting away from it all. Off the coast of Maine, in the eastern United States is a group of islands which make up the Acadia National Park. The largest of these islands, Mount Desert Island, has always been my idea of a perfect escape. Mount Desert Island doesn’t have warm Caribbean waters or fancy all-inclusive resorts, but its untamed beauty, uninterrupted vistas, and glacier carved valleys grant me a sense of seclusion. The rocky terrain and sparse vegetation are quintessential rustic backdrops to hiking, fishing, and boating. Constant views of tall standing pines, sloping coastal hills, and the clear waters of the Atlantic are all I need to forget residual stresses and everyday worries. After trekking up to the summit of Cadillac Mountain and gaining a view of the peaceful shoreline, I can easily understand living on this island. Although the island is inhabited all year and gets constant visitors during peak vacation seasons, somehow Acadia National Park maintains a sense of serenity and rugged beauty.

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The deep contrast between the lush greenery and the clear blue ocean turns Mount Desert Island into a respite for tired eyes. Rocky promontories and small beach coves are inviting oases for introspection or cheerful lobster bakes. Even when the weather turns, as it so often does in the state of Maine, Mount Desert Island retains its hardy demeanor. Mist drenched rocks look mysterious, heavy fogs play hide and seek with trail paths, and the waters put on a steel grey cloak. A chill wind sets in, turning the island into scenery fit for any New England drama. For rugged peace and quiet, Mount Desert Island is always the first place I think of.

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  1. Ironically, I am planning a trip to Acadia in the very near future. Love your captures here, any pointers on the best time to head up there to get some great seascapes and possibly some whales? Keep up the awesome imagery, great blog!

    • Thanks for the kind words. Acadia is especially beautiful during April and May as well as the early fall months, and the conventional wisdom of sunrise/sunset will offer excellent pictures. Cadillac Mountain is a fantastic spot for photos while the Beehive trail makes for a challenging, but worthy hike. Cheers.

  2. Memories of a trip where I took the ferry from Nova Scotia to Bar Harbor… . I managed a quick look at Acadia. Sadly I was on a tight schedule to see the folks in Boston. Would have loved to explore more of what you picture here.

    I can’t believe all the colors in your pebbles. I often go agate hunting on the beaches here, but rarely see that much color in one spot. Beautiful capture!

    • Yes. It’s quite a beautiful place and I hope that you’ll have a chance to spend more time there in future. Though I love the solitude of Acadia, I love the charming town of Bar Harbor as well. As for the pebbles, I was lucky to happen upon such a colorful rock collection. Thanks for your kind words. Cheers.

    • Thanks. I was lucky that there was a lot of different kinds of colorful rocks on the beach. I wouldn’t have been able to compose such a photo without nature’s helping hand. Thanks. Cheers.

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