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I write about ways our shifting perceptions alter our layered identities. I examine how we connect: individually, in society, with nature and place. I use creative nonfiction, prose, and poetry as tools to weave immersive narratives at the crossroads of science, history, and philosophy. My published work outside of Bespoke Traveler can be found at:



I enjoy working with companies and individuals who share my love of thoughtful exploration and are dedicated to sustainability. Please get in touch with ideas, projects, or assignments which you believe would be of interest: aguptaATbespoketravelerDOTcom.

I am proud to have collaborated with travel website on a story showcasing the jeweled wilderness of Lake Tahoe, California while inspiring readers to appreciate the art of observation. To view the project go here.


Bespoke Traveler has collaborated with OneTravel to promote the 2012 London Summer Olympics, with a feature on the Games’ focus on inclusion and sportsmanship.




Bespoke Traveler is honored to be mentioned in Author Alannah Moore’s book, “Create Your Own Website The Easy Way,” as an example of creative and aesthetic site design. For more details, check out her work at
 editors for Freshly Pressed featured Bespoke Traveler’s article “Of Rice and Risotto.” Share with me the unexpected hospitality of a family in Verona, Italy. Drawn by the tasty aroma of their cooking, I discover that despite language barriers the gestures we share can bond us. Join me in a hearty meal and get the mouth-watering recipe here.
 editors for the Freshly Pressed series chose Bespoke Traveler’s article “Taking Death Valley.” Join me as I outwit a sandstorm in the California desert. In the midst of the frightening tempest I learn that sometimes survival involves doing nothing. For the rest of my epic wasteland adventure, read more here.



The Bespoke Traveler website has also been awarded “The Most Influential Blogger Award,” “The Versatile Blogger Award,” and “The Adventurous Blogger Award,” among others for which I am grateful to my fellow blogging community.