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I write about ways our shifting perceptions alter our layered identities. I examine how we connect: individually, in society, with nature and place. I use creative nonfiction, prose, and poetry as tools to weave immersive narratives at the crossroads of science, history, and philosophy.

If you are an editor or publisher looking for interesting creative tales centered around travel, the environment, and cultural diversity, and feel I would be a good fit for your publication, please get in touch with me at

I have been a contributing writer to Pink Pangea, Rebelle Society, and Your Life Is A Trip. My work has also been published by the following:



Through Bespoke Traveler I enjoy working with PR agencies, NGOs, and tourism companies who are dedicated to sustainability and share my love of thoughtful exploration.

Please get in touch with ideas, projects, or assignments which you believe would be of interest at:

I have collaborated on travel projects with:



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