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A Royale Affair

When in Cannes we do as the French do: have an elegant time. This means a formal evening out where we wear our best duds and doodads and trip the light fantastic in a room full of fancy chandeliers. And, when we get back home, we like to end the fun by making ourselves a Kir Royale. It’s the drink of the fashion set. The bubbly champagne, the rich color, the name: it all helps to make us feel as if we really have arrived. From the first sip we are transported into the world of old Hollywood glamour and glitterati. Now, where is that red carpet we were supposed to walk on…?


Serves 2                                              Total Time: 5 minutes


1 bottle of champagne, or French sparkling wine like Jaillance, chilled

1 bottle creme de cassis, like Mathilde Liqueur


1. Chill your champagne bottle for at least one hour before serving.

2. Fill two champagne flutes three quarters full of the chilled champagne.

3. Add a splash of creme de cassis to each glass. *

4. Mix well and serve.

5. Don’t forget to toast!

* BT Tip: For a twist to the traditional kir royale, substitute peach liqueur for the creme de cassis. 

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    • A wonderful holiday season to you as well TB! I’m looking forward to reading and sharing stories, book reviews, and more with you in the New Year. Thanks for enriching my blogging this year with your thoughtful and friendly comments.

  1. I have enjoyed your articles- they are all well written and beautifully photographed. Keep it coming in the new year.

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