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To Be Done or Not Done

My blogging friend TB, an accomplished author (she has published two novels!), was not only kind enough to review our book “Cities of Kings” but also asked me to write a little something for her as a guest author. Here is what I wrote.

Making My Mark

Today it is with great pleasure to welcome my guest, Atreyee Gupta. We’ve been blogging buddies over the years. Here’s the link to her blog, Bespoke Traveler. Last year Atreyee contacted me to review her book,  Cities of Kings. I was thrilled to receive the request since I love helping my fellow bloggers promote their books and this book is about London and Paris. I now live in London and each spring we hop over to Paris for a long weekend. Her book was a perfect fit for me.

Here’s the synopsis on Goodreads:

18070362(2)“Cities of Kings” relates the stories of how kings and queens helped build the various architecture of two giant European cities: London and Paris. The book takes a look at why these two cities look so different even though they have shared a common royal past, often being ruled by the same monarchs…

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    • Thank you for letting me write something on your blog! I am so happy you enjoyed reading “Cities of Kings” and look forward to discovering other writers you will be featuring in the future.

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