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Graffiti Around the World

Parisian street artist transforms the sidewalk with colorful chalk. Photo by J.Japitana of Bespoke Traveler.

This month we’re focusing on the impact of art on our travel psyche. To start things off, we present an article by Trish of OneTravelbloggers!

Street art, Street painting or Sidewalk art you can call it anything and can be found on streets all over the world. The credit to its origin can be given to Britain as a number of street painters were found all over UK and make their full time living by this art. In order to see some of the magnificent works of some great artists around the world you can begin from Denver.  All you need to do is to book Cheap Flights to Denver.  It hosts the Denver chalk art festival which is a free two day street festival.  You can then make your way to other places where you can find some excellent pieces of street art.

Street painting festivals are being organized by many countries all around the world and a large number of artists are participating every year. Lake Worth Street Painting Festival is one of the largest events that take place in the United States. The paintings are an absolute delight to see and give a platform to street painters from all over the world. Street art is widely practiced in all the large cities in the world but there are some key locations where this art from is practiced at a larger scale than any other place in the world, such locations are often visited by international artists where they can exhibit their artwork.

A few notable artists who have earned fame through their street painting can be known by reading below:

  • Roa: Roa separates himself from the rest of the artists who paint regular 3D stuff; he adds different layers into his piece of work and works primarily on animal subjects.
  • Christian Guémy: known as C215, Christian usually paints local faces on the streets and he is a world traveler and paints streets wherever he is.
  • Hamilton Yokota: Hamilton is known as Titi Freak in his world of street painting, he is a native of Sao Paulo and his work usually reflects his cultural background.

Get your tickets done and see some splendid works of some of the best street artists.

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  1. The greatest street art I’ve seen was probably in San Francisco. It’s always fun to stumble on, especially when it’s in alleyways or some hidden place.

    • Great art in an unexpected place is definitely a pleasant surprise. SF truly does have some amazing street art especially in the Haight. Glad you enjoyed the post, Sheila. Cheers.

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