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Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award or “Yeah, We Won Something”

We interrupt our usual programming for some exciting news. We just received the “Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award” from AllThingsBoys! We’re always thrilled to receive kudos from our fellow bloggers and consider it an honor to share them with our readers. One of our favorite things about AllThingsBoys is her ability to see humor in every aspect of life. We think it’s a rare commodity, so laugh along with her on her everyday hurdles.

To fulfill our Sisterhood of the World Blogger Status, we had to dig deep and reveal seven things that most readers don’t know about us. So, here are seven things we’re unveiling about ourselves:

1. We like to think of ourselves as a combination of Indiana Jones, Rick Steves, and Jamie Oliver. If you want to find out why, visit here.

2. We can’t get enough of the seaside at the French Riviera.

3. We’d be happy eating nothing but bacon, chocolate, and bacon. Oh, did we mention chocolate wrapped in bacon?

4. We wax poetical about pointed arches, chiaroscuro, and depth of field.

5. In a past life we spent hours studying soil moisture and petri dishes.

6. We’re big fans of Jasper Fforde and Mark Dunn because nursery rhymes and word plays fascinate us.

7. We’d really love to chat with Abe Lincoln and the guy who invented paperclips.

Of course after our award ceremony, we had to nominate seven fellow bloggers for the Sister Of World Bloggers Award. So, in no particular order:

1. Travel With Kat – Who discovers new countries, cultures, and cuisines

2. Foodie International – Where you can learn about food from around the world

3. Kara La La La – A New Zealander who puts “quirky” firmly on the map

4. Sheila Hurst – A freelancer who strives to look at the world in different ways

5. Beautiful Geometry – Which explores the “little bits of pretty”

6. Hayley Swinson – Who shows off her “creative endeavors”

7. Paris at my doorstep – Where you can explore the City of Lights

Thank you to all our faithful readers and commenters! We love sharing our travel world with you. Cheers.

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  1. Thank you – that’s really nice of you! I’m guessing the traveling life is much more fun than studying soil moisture and petri dishes. Glad you got out of the lab and into the outside! Congratulations on your award too.

    • Us too. The traveler’s life suits us quite well. But I think our background in the sciences helps “ground” our approach to travel discovery. We look forward to learning a few more things about you. Cheers.

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