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Campfire Veggie Tales

veggie skewerWhenever we go camping we like to tell scary stories. We can’t help it. The roaring fire, the sounds of nature, and the lack of walls get our noggins working up to fever pitch. Our last camping trip to Bryce Canyon National Park had us dreaming up particularly juicy tales which even scared us. Luckily, when it comes to camp cooking our veggie skewers shouldn’t scare anyone. They are a deliciously healthy and quick meal. So for your next outdoor overnight expedition: stick with the conventional Rip Van Winkle stories and keep an eye on those skewers! Because no one wants to listen to scary tales on an empty stomach.


Serves 4                                        Total Time: 20 Minutes [10 minutes preparation; 10 minutes campsite cooking]


1 Yellow bell pepper, cut into 1-inch squares

2 Zucchini, cut into 1-inch rounds

12 Large pearl onions

12 Cherry tomatoes

Olive oil

Salt and pepper to taste

3 Tablespoons garlic powder


1. At home slice the vegetables and package into sealable food containers.

2. Set up the campfire or outdoor grill for direct heat cooking on high heat.

3. Mix the garlic powder and oil to create a thin paste. Skewer the vegetables and coat with the garlic oil mixture. Add salt and pepper to taste.*

4. Grill over direct heat for 5 minutes on each side.

5. Remove from grill and serve immediately.

* BT Tip: Add a pinch of cayenne pepper to the mixture to spice things up.

What sort of vegetables do you like to grill? Do you like hearing scary stories when camping?

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  1. They look great. Here’s mine, not too different. No courgette to hand, but I did have mushrooms. Button ones would be perfect, but otherwise half or quarter larger ones. I add bay leaf, and serve with a (home-made) barbecue sauce, basically soya, garlic, chilli/Tabasco, vinegar (usually white wine).

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