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The Butterfly Light Award

butterfly-light-awardDuring the next few months before the year runs out things are usually on the ugly side of crazy. So we would like to stop and say thanks to all of our wonderful readers. We especially want to thank one of them, Sherri Matthews, for honoring us with the beautiful Butterfly Light Award. Sherri’s blog, “A View From My Summerhouse” is a constant source of delightful encouragement, English sense, and quiet humor for us.

This award was originally handed out by Belinda of “The Idiot Writer.”

To continue in the spirit of generosity started by Belinda and shown to us by Sherri, we would like to send this award on to someone who is amazingly talented: T.B. Markinson has written and published three books and has just come out with her most recent novel, “Claudia Must Die.” On her blog, “Making My Mark,” she provides us with writing advice, astounds us with her work ethic, introduces us to fascinating independent authors, and reviews new books. She is always an encouraging and supportive fellow blogger who we are thrilled to have in our circle.

While we are extremely flattered that anyone would consider us to be an inspiration, rather than explaining how we do so, we would like to simply quote one of our other inspirations:

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson.


Award conditions:

*Write a thank you post to the blogger who awarded you the Butterfly Light Award

*Award to at least one other blogger

*Link to original giver of award: Belinda

*Tell how you are a positive influence

*Display the award badge


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  1. Lovely post, you are very kind my friends, thank you and I am honoured to be a part of your blogging circle! I agree TB is more than a worthy recipient for this beautiful award for all the reasons you describe 🙂

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