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Orange You Granita To See Me?

Memories are curious devices. They leap to a time and place moments after seeing a familiar color or inhaling a long forgotten scent. A solitary wrinkled lemon perched on a windowsill in Jaisalmer, India brought back reminisces of sultry summer afternoons sitting by another window in Siena, Italy. The bells of the campanile heaved through the torrid shimmering air, their husky tones dimmed to torpid beats. I held a glass of lemon-gold granita in my clammy hands, the crushed ice crackling in dulcet tones. Thinking back to that summer in Siena everything appears enveloped in a steamy haze except for the tangy flavor of ice shavings I ate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Here is our spin on the tempting treat.


Serves 6                                                Total Time: 20 Minutes Preparation + 3 hours freezing


4 cups pulp-free orange juice
1 cup limoncello
½ cup simple syrup
2 tablespoons ginger zest
6 lime peels

8 x 12 inch shallow tempered glass dish

Multi-speed blender/liquidizer



1. To prepare a simple syrup, combine 1 cup of white sugar and 1 cup of water in a medium saucepan.

2. Bring to a boil, stirring, until sugar has dissolved, about 10 minutes.

3. Allow to cool to room temperature about 20 minutes before use.


1. Using the high speed setting in your blender mix together the orange juice, limoncello, simple syrup, and ginger zest for 1 minute or until smooth.*

2. Pour mixture into a large and shallow tempered glass dish. Place dish uncovered on a level surface in the freezer.

3. After 60 minutes, remove the dish from the freezer and using the tines of a fork, gently break up the parts of the mixture that have slightly frozen. Scrape the sides of the dish gathering frozen granita into center of dish.

4. Return dish back into the freezer and repeat this process every 30 minutes for the next two hours or until mixture has completely frozen.

5. Once mixture is thoroughly frozen, fluff with a fork so that mixture appears as a loose pile of crystals.  Serve in chilled dessert goblets or martini glasses. Garnish each serving with lime peel.

* BT Tip: To add more pizzazz to your granita, add a pinch of shaved lemongrass to the mixture before blending. 

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  1. I adore Sienna. The 17 contrade flying wildly, although sadly I was a couple days early for the Palio. I would love to see that one day.
    But yes, the limoncello. What memories.
    Your granita sounds amazing–and I still have a little liquor left over from my last trip to Italy. I think I shall use it accordingly.
    Many thanks for that lovely trip down memory lane.

  2. I’m feeling very lazy in this heat, after a very busy day. I don’t suppose you could see your way to making one for me? I guess I could use a cranberry juice and add a splash of wisniowka 🙂

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